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Happy New Year 2009

to Shashi and Family

from ALL@gaia and ...

ALL hail to voyager and authenticsoul for this first dialogue of 2009

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26 minutes later
Attainment said

Oh, Michael, thank you so much. This was so beautiful! My face is soaked in tears. This time of year my heart feels like a trampoline! So many
emotions fill it, both of intense love and pain. I watched this video
feeling the end of my life and a new beginning. Thank you. That ripped
at my heart!

so beautiful! Thank you!

about 1 hour later
Tharlam said

The opening line says it all for me.

All appears to change when we change.

This should be a the forefront of each of us as we enter into another year on Earth.

Albert : Warrior

about 5 hours later
Albert said


And, Cheyenne -once again we seem to be connected by strange coincidencies. You describe exactly my own basic feeling.

And thanks Michael again. Wishing you a most blessed and lightful new year 2009!

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 5 hours later
Michael said

All appears to change when we change


Asteri : StarChild

about 6 hours later
Asteri said

Thank you Michael!!! Have a blessed New Year!!!

Nicole : wakingdreamer

about 6 hours later
Nicole said

Beautiful, Michael! Have a wonderful New Year!

maze : ordinary

about 7 hours later
maze said

this was good to watch and listen to. A Blessed New Year to you!

about 9 hours later
cHAngeL said

Michael, thank you for sharing this and for sharing your friendship this past year. I think I have a bit of wisdom now, after listening to your
compassionate tales and hopeful dreams. I consider you and Linnie my
greatest teachers, along side my parents. Patient, funny and always
being the trees, flowers and rocks along the way. You’re journey from
the cocoon is a lovely doctrine of gentle peace. May we all learn to
fly as well…in time,

Blessings in 2009, and always …my dear butterfly friend,


about 10 hours later
Godess of Love said

I bow with honour , and grace , with tear drenching down my face.

Thank you for this , and

Michael : catalyst-producer

4 days later
Michael said

THANK YOU ALL for your heart-felt comments of support.

LEST we forget, however, the journalistic tradition at this time of year to

REFLECT on that year which has passed and PREDICT the one with which

we are faced, I would suggest that …

IT IS time for our own Prime Minister to move beyond his comfort zone,

IF we are truly to LEARN from the passed year of madness !

AS Ed Murrow said 50 years ago, referring to 50 or 100 years hence

“OUR HISTORY will BE what we make IT

THE TUBE is flickering NOW & we shall see that the whole struggle IS LOST”

unless we are able to marshall our collective intelligence and TAKE the

necessary and appropriate ACTION of RESPONSIBILITY.

HOW ABOUT thinking about the totally inclusive creation of …

THE “musical” of LIFE, LOVE and PEACE on EARTH ?

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