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Following a lifetime of connessione with the BBC

 ...from watching colour test transmissions of programmes about locusts

 & alpine car rallying • in black and white on my mother's particular pride

 and joy ~ a rented Murphy V310, flip-top television, with the most excellent

 definition and a good contrasty picture • my sowing of "the seedof the

 potential of the Virtual [RE]ality of Interactive Multimedia Communications

 and finally my involvement with the BBC's Domesday Project as a Director

 of Acorn Video, it was I suppose, inevitable that the universe should lead

 my soul-mate Linnie and I, to purchase The Old School House in Tackley

 from David Shukman's mother, who had herself purchased and partly

 renovated the School when the new Primary School was built; during a

 week when, as has forever been the case, the BBC have been pontificating

 about the future potential effects of climate change on gardening in 

 the UK, when I have been already struggling to cope with those climatic

 changes for the last 12 years, whilst establishing a permaculture terrace

 of three allotments, here in Swindon.

 As I posted earlier in the year in 
respect of Christopher Booker's reference

 to 'the charge' that ... IT's the facts the BBC leaves out about climate

 change that are important and that even by the BBC's standards, as one

 expert observer put it, this farrago of "deluded groupthink was stunning". 


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