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First posted on Oct 1st, 2007 by Martha

See that dreamcatcher up there? Yes, the squarish translucent character with the blue glass eyes. That was sent to me by Michael, who has suggested that we use it on the Women's Forum ZPortal (yes! It will exist someday very soon!) to mark the place to catch our dreams and plans for the future. I think that's a great idea.

See that dreamcatcher below? That one was made for us by my sister-in-law, Celeste Bergin, a few Christmases ago. This one is round, and follows the Native American idea of catching the bad dreams, so that we can sleep peacefully.

Let's create a place for Dreamstorming.

This is a place where all positive, creative, kind and nurturing ideas are kept and honored, and where we can work to transform anger into work for social justice, support and empowerment for all who need it.

Like brainstorming, dreamstorming is an uncensored and freewheeling creative activity. If you get started, keep going. If you lose your WHOLE BLOG, like I just did when I tried to post it the first time, just keep going. Things will come together when the time is right. For starters, here are some of my dreams:
That all who connect through Women's Forum
stay connected wherever they are.
That we are people who uncompromisingly believe
that it is possible to live in peace and lovingkindness
with our fellow humans
throughout the world.
We know we can do this by living each day
in a loving and respectful way
by Listening to each other with open hearts
by transforming our anger
into work for social justice, the ending of suffering,
tenderness, nutrition and education for all children,
kindness towards all sentient creatures.

We can stand in partnership with
Women's Economic Empowerment Alliance (WEE)
Advocacy Institute, and any other appropriate

organizations, to create positive, lasting and peaceful change in the world.

WHAT are your dreams?

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jenni : hello

about 10 hours later
jenni said

dear martha,I like your dream catchers. I have read about penny on but I don’t understand how I can support or do something for that cause. I
have only seen it on Michael’s blog. jen

maze : ordinary

about 13 hours later
maze said

I often wonder why so many people hang dream catchers form their rear view mirrors. Shoildn't they be concentrating on the road instead of
their dreams.

Michael : catalyst-producer

18 days later
Michael said

We don't see too much of rear view mirror dream-catching in the UK or Europe - just fuzzy dolls etc. - but surely concentrating on the road is to fulfill the dream moment by moment.

Martha has said elsewhere - I think all of us would like to help create a world of basic justice and peace, where everyone has clean water to drink and enough food to eat. This would be a world where everyone can obtain an education, and nobody's human potential is wasted; a world where all people can get medical and dental care. This would be a world where the natural resources of the earth are repected and not wasted, and where nature is valued and preserved. This would be a world where technology is used instrumentally to make life good, and sustainably, so that all of nature, including ourselves, can thrive. This would be a world where everyone has basic human rights, and everyone can come and go as he or she deems fit.

Everyone would have decent housing. Everyone would have basic access to economic and creative opportunities. Education and the arts would be treasured. Racism would be considered a tragic historical phenomenon. The very young and the elderly would be treated with kindness. Diversity would be valued, and religious tolerance would be a minimum, while interfaith fellowship would be the norm. The “disabled” would be loved and their strengths and contributions celebrated. People would refuse to waste resources on war, because disputes would be resolved in international courts of equity. Large corporations would have to answer to a watchful and informed public that would not embrace consumerism.


The AlphaINDEX definition of Dreamstorming reads -

the ACTION of collective dreamcatching - from the women's international perspective - for the purpose of deciding how far to travel down the rabbit hole and of subsequently changing the world.

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 month later
Michael said

The dreams of Africa

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 month later
Michael said

The dream TO BE ONE … thanks to Darina & the Joy SOULutions pod

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 month later
Michael said

The dream TO BE ONE … thanks to Darina & the Joy SOULutions pod
and her continuing joy bringing support for the ONE Laptop per child initiative

martha : wildlygentle

about 1 month later
martha said

These links are wonderful Michael. You are inspiring me to get to work here. Thank you!

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Comment by Michael Grove on October 5, 2019 at 11:25

by way of a Freespace [in4Dlaser focus on evolving capitalism
to serve democracy.

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