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Sam Bright’s new book, an extract of which is featured below, explains how this has happened, how our leaders have absorbed the ethos of the Bullingdon Club, characterised by arrogance, debauchery and destruction. If you’re wondering why British politics has been plagued by scandals in recent years, and why those in power have been left largely unscathed, Bullingdon Club Britain explains it all.

As Peter Jukes says in his foreword:

“This era that I called ‘Bullingdon Club Britain’ is a mirror of our national disgrace. Every supposed British gift or virtue has been transformed into a curse or vice. Our alleged tolerance? A license to make snobby or sexist or racist jokes. Our history of liberalism? An excuse for lockdown breaking and lawless libertarianism. Our sense of humour? They have been laughing at us, not with us.

Somehow the ethos of a university drinking club has invaded and taken over a political party, which in turn has transformed back again into a private party, which we paid for but couldn’t attend, and that broke the laws we had to obey.

Like an old story of some cursed fairy-tale kingdom, Bullingdon Club Britain went from being a state of mind to the mind of our state. It will take decades to wash away the shame, and to rebuild our country free of its taint.”

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