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DAYs of the week of the Gregorian Calendar

Yesterday IS HISTORY -
tomorrow IS the future -
but today IS a GIFT -
that's why we call it THE PRESENT
seven senses - sensations are disparate pieces of information that must be organised and interpreted by the nervous system so that our body and mind can adapt to the world around us on a moment-by- moment basis. We experience the world through the conscious awareness of sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch, and the unconscious monitoring of balance/movement and body position. 
Heaven and earth last forever.
Why do heaven and earth last forever ?
They are
So ever living.

The sage stays behind, thus he is ahead.
He is detached, thus at one with ALL.
Through selfless action, he attains fulfillment.

                                                   Tao Te Ching


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Love : Child of Love

3 days later
Love said

I love the number 7; it is my birthday. I love numbers; i love numerology.

jenni : hello

about 1 month later
jenni said

detachment and selfless action. thank you for the reminder Michael. I know seven is special but I forgot why. Will have to look it up. jenni

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