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 HOWEVER, cannot be achieved by applying a NEW SYSTEM ...

 'sticky plaster ' solution, to the OLD ORDER MINDSET of trying

 to put humpty-dumpty back together again, after he'd fallen

 off the wall and broken into a thousand pieces. IMPLEMENTATION

 of a long-term-future-sustainable, ART of the POSSIBLE, can

 only be established as a result of a NEW ORDER MINDSET.  

As Jaron Lanier has so poignantly proposed in his manifesto ...

YOU ARE NOT A GADGET - "The people who are perhaps the most screwed

by open culture  are the middle classes of intellectual and cultural creation.

The freelance studio session musician faces diminished prospects, for

instance. Another example, outside of the world of music, is the stringer

selling reports to newspapers from a warren. These are both crucial

contributors to culture and democracy. Each pays painful dues and

devotes years to honing a craft. They used to live off the trickle-down

effects of the OLD SYSTEM, and like the middle class at large, they are

precious. They get NOTHING from the [supposed] NEW SYSTEM."


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Comment by Michael Grove on October 29, 2019 at 15:43

      SO How can artificial intelligence help?

      ONE such company that [IS] in[DEED] utilising the very 

    best of technological solutions based on third generation

    Blockchain capabilities, to complement their very best

    reasons for doing so is ONE : Our Network Evolution.

    "Every epoch in human history is marked by the appearance of a seemingly

     insurmountable collection of crisis, accompanied by a series of insights

     and ideas that question the foundation of our current reality by evidence

     to the contrary. In other words, when the nature of inquiry conflicts with

     the nature of reality, we collectively experience a paradigm shift. Suddenly,

     the earth is no longer flat, the Sun does not fall off the edge of the sky and

     fire is no longer a manifest of magic. We are living through ONE of those

     times. What is technically possible now questions our fundamental

     assumptions about our socioeconomic reality at its very roots.

     Questions like: Can our economics and ecology integrate to co-exist in

     harmony? Can supply and demand maintain perpetual equilibrium in real

     time? Can individual impact be understood on a global scale? Is intelligence

     artificial or natural? Are debt and inflation necessary to create currency?

     Can we shift from personal acquisition to global contribution as the default

     mode of our civilization?"

        The answer to all of the above rests on a simple yet universal truth :

       Alone, there will never be enough.
       Together, we have more than we could ever need.


                                                Ray Podder   ONE : Our Network Evolution

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