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Ian Gardner's Blog – April 2015 Archive (11)

The Nature of Mind.

The mind is acquired "human nature". The conscience is inherent "spiritual


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The Voice of Conscience & The Voice of Mind.

The voice of one's conscience is often eclipsed by the voice of emotion, or

the voice of emotion comes into play first and is followed by the surfacing

of the voice of conscience after one has reacted to the voice of emotion.

The voice of conscience is of the Spirit and the voice of emotion is of the

mind, hence the importance of cultivating the ability to…


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Civilization. (1)

Civilization is not necessary for the spiritual progress of the individual.

However, it does provide the opportunity to learn that the empty pleasures

and apparent benefits that civilization brings are actually worthless - mere

illusion - and the opportunity to eliminate the desire for (the attachment to)

these. The only progress that matters in the long run…


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Perception and the Truth.

One's perception is one's truth until the arrival of wisdom.


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Controlling the Mind.

Being aware of what the mind is doing helps you control it. Therefore, observe

the mind in action, observe what it is doing and what it is saying. You

then see it as something apart from yourself and can treat it accordingly.…


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The Illusion in Context.

When one focuses totally on one's true identity, the "I am", worldly life is

but a faint and shallow mirage on the distant horizon. In troubled times this

awakens one to the Reality and soothes the troubled mind.…


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Time and "Now".

Using approximate times, let us say that it is noon in Maleny. It is then 3

a.m. in London, 6 a.m. in Johannesburg, 8 a.m. in Colombo, 10 a.m. in Singapore and 10 a.m. the previous day in Washington DC, and so on anywhere

in the universe. Yet, although the time varies, it is "now" everywhere. Ponder



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The Journey up the Mountain.

There are those who, having found a spring on the lower reaches of the

mountainside, shout to those climbing past, "Stay! for we have found the

spring. You need climb no more." Some cease their search and stay, whilst

others continue upwards and, reaching the top, find that there is no water

there - for none is needed.

(See The Milk Is White…


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My Body, My Soul and I.

My body is mine, but my body is not me,
My body is an expression of my soul.
My soul is mine, but my soul is not me,
My soul is an expression of me -
for I am.

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The Journey Up The Mountain

                                                             The Journey Up The Mountain


The 'Quo Vadis?' File III

Following The Milk Is White, as a continuation…


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Because it may help one or more on their spiritual journey up the mountain I will post here, from The 'Quo Vadis?' File III, one post per day to facilitate proper intellectual digestion, from my writings subsequent to those in the book The Milk Is White which is best read as the foundation to what follows…


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