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Comment by Michael Grove on June 15, 2021 at 9:37

The coriolis effect - an effect that I first began to truly understand,

as moving to the right with height, when I first started flying in

hot-air balloons. The very best example of this is the Four Corners

Hot Air Balloon race where the balloons, take off from identifiable

points on the ground, and as a each balloon gradually climbs

naturally to the right whilst traversing the states of  Arizona, Utah,

Colorado, and New Mexico, they finally return to the take off site

and the balloon which lands closest to it's take off position is

declared the winner. 

... when [IT] came to the time that our Bucks Hot Air Balloon Group needed to replace our trusty original Balloon Canopy et al, I was volunteered to take charge of the Design Process and so the play on words [BuckSHOT] IDEA of utilising the fact that farmers have been known to use a blunderbuss and buckshot to deter balloonists from flying too low over their livestock, I came up with the IDEA of Buckshot [BE]ing fired at the balloon and was subsequently able to secure the registration G-SHOT from the Civil Aviation Authority.

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