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“The lessons of silence are peerless and are

unmatched by anything else under Heaven


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Comment by Michael Grove on April 5, 2012 at 9:21


for this "haven of tranquility "

In the Karesansui the Zen Buddhist monks created a space without distractions, where one can raise the awareness through contemplation and harmonise the spirit with the essence of all things both animate and inanimate. The wonder of Nature and Mans place in it can be appreciated as much for what is absent as for what is present. The old, weathered stones chosen and placed with great care are set on a bed of gravel that is raked anew daily, so that the garden dies and is reborn each day in accordance with the Zen tradition. Interpretation of these odd-numbered stone groupings varies, and is ultimately a matter for the beholder. 

In placing the Zen garden further away from the Teahouse, with its own viewing house and a mountain before it, we enhanced the feeling of tranquility and separation from the rest of the garden. Behind it lies a new area created from the wild woodland that extends beyond and remains undisturbed and inaccessible. Sitting in the Zen Viewing House one hears the music of the numerous birds that frequent the area, the sound of the breeze ruffling the trees and chimes and, occasionally, the lowing of cattle or bleating of sheep on the adjacent farm.

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