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Welcome to Greener Together - the co-operative way.

Greener Together is an ambitious and dynamic project. The core focus is to engage, support and provide the means to share lifestyle changes that reduce members’ and customers’ environmental impact in the areas of energy, waste and personal transport. The Project enables member organisations of Co-operatives UK, the Confederation of Co-operative Housing (CCH) and the Plunkett Foundation to work with their members and customers in achieving greener behaviour.

Greener Together aims to help people to live in a more sustainable way. It does this by focusing on the small actions we can each take in our daily lives towards achieving bigger changes in the wider world. Many member organisations are already doing great things to encourage their members to live in a more sustainable way. The Greener Together project builds upon this success and helps to strengthen relationships’ between organisations and their members’.

Co-operatives and community owned enterprises bring people together to meet common needs. We believe that people working together, sharing ideas and good practice brings about a greater impact than people working individually or in isolation. Through working with their members and networks, co-operatives can collectively really make a difference.

By joining Greener Together you are becoming part of an active community of thousands of individual member organisations. As a pioneer you will be able to connect with like-minded people in a way that inspires, is fun and easy to do. By joining with others and going online, you’ll pick up invaluable tips, ideas, knowledge and experience.

Greener Together is part of a bigger programme, called the Greener Living Fund which aims to identify and understand what motivates people to be greener. So we can learn as much as possible about your experience we will be asking all pioneers to complete three questionnaires during the course of the project.

Once you have registered and completed the first survey you can choose your pledge actions to reduce your CO2 emissions by 10-20% and connect with Greener Together online community.

Greener Together- the co-operative way is part of the Greener Living Fund sponsored by Defra.

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