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Change the Debate. Will this have a "net" effect? (Election '08)

The Commission on Presidential Debates settled on three debates in the fall of 2008, and one of them "included" questions submitted via the web. We thought that America could do better.

So we're letting the community submit and select questions for the candidates. If we can reach a few hundred thousand voters on this forum, we believe the candidates will be compelled to answer our top questions.

We want this to be something new. So we've structured things to promote full answers from the candidates. There are no time limits for replies, and we're going to ask you to vote on whether or not the replies were complete answers, "Was that an answer to the question?" not "Did you agree with the answer?" So it will be in the candidates' interest to answer them fully off the bat.

However, this only works if people participate. So IN PREPARATION for the fall of 2012 please, spread the word by sharing this video or emailing your friends about the site


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