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 taking place about the role adopted by the mainstream media • in the

 process leading up to the so called BREXIT vote in the UK as well as the

 US Presidential Election • in juxtaposition  to that which took place in

 parallel throughout social media and particularly Facebook

The central point of focus, which both Eric Khune and I agreed upon, was the utilisation of Facebook as a SURFACE, onto which visually stimulated IDEAS of the Art of the Possible, could be projected, on a moment by moment basis, for the thought process stimulation, of all that wished to [BE] engaged in a potential dialogue of understanding.

In the context of Eric’s own in-depth understanding of the significance of cascading renaissances and my own promotion of the concept of the consequences of consequences of complex systems, IT IS the journey of transition of an understanding of THE BEAUTY of THE COMPLEX SYSTEM of LIFE on [y]our pale blue dot, which we discussed, such that by effectively taking down the historic 4th WALL that kept us separate from NATURE, we would be capable of changing the world, BY embracing the very fact that What IS Possible NOW, was never possible before.

I would dedicate this message to the memory of Eric's commitment to the Silvertown Project
 and ultimately ALL of the lives, both civilian and military, which were lost in the process of the Great War


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Comment by Michael Grove on September 27, 2021 at 13:31


To begin to understand complex systems, let’s think about these real-world events for a moment...

  • If you were surprised by a two-week hospital stay, would you end up losing your house from the added financial burden?

  • If you were to have a serious disagreement with a coworker, would it end up changing your overall work culture?

  • If a forest were to be struck by lightning, would it turn into a raging forest fire that wipes out half the forest?

  • If your country elected a demagogue, would it cause the country to descend into an autocracy?

                                   Robb Smith - Integral LIFE

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