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 of that which subscribes to [BE] an Empathic Civilisation,

 than he which The Guardian most poignantly referred to

 in their article entitled THE EMPATHIC DETECTIVE namely

 G.K. Chesterton's Father Brown, truly a man of GOD with

 an inimitable understanding of the very pertinent fact

 that GOD has no religion.

  "Chesterton's conscious aim in writing the Father Brown

   stories was to subvert the misconception that priests

   must be unworldly innocents ignorant of the world.

   Instead it turns out that Brown (like his "real-life model",

   Father John O'Connor) is shockingly well informed about

   the most surprising of sins. Brown's life as a priest brings

   into the tales enigmas that a detective might not be 

   expected to solve: not just whodunit, but the ultimate

   mystery of life and death" for The Guardian

 As Stefan has stated in his Goodreads comment ...

 "Father Brown is one of my favourite fictional detectives

 because G. K. Chesterton embodied him with a wonderful

 sense of time and place. The strength of Chesterton's

 Father Brown stories lie in their diversity (brilliant,

 contemplative and bizarre - sometimes all at once)

 consistent cleverness and wide range of themes (far more

 depth then I usually expect from mysteries).

 'The Complete Father Brown' is a volume packed with so

 much top-notch quality material  that one read really only

 captures the surface. I now understand completely why

 Chesterton's Father Brown was so transformative for the

 mystery genre (especially when other authors like Agatha

 Christie seem superficial by comparison)".

 Father Brown originally appeared in 53 short stories

 published between 1910 and 1936 and the BBC’s unlikely

 worldwide hit of the sleuthing priest has resulted in

 Father Brown becoming a global star, after the BBC series

 was picked up by 232 countries.


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