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Prodi Galson was like all the other Spirits who came down to Earth on a visit. With others s/he came down more and more because they got very interested in things on Earth. Ultimately, s/he got so close to the ground on Earth that s/he got covered in mud. In the wind and the heat this mud hardened and although s/he was happy to be on Earth s/he felt discomfort and pain from the hard mud all over and in  the eyes. 

Next, some of the mud started to break off and fall away from the skin, thus reducing the suffering. Later, it started to rain and the rain was cooling. It also began to wash off the mud and s/he was able to see more clearly.

Finally, perfect vision was restored, s/he regained all original powers, reverted to the state of being s/he had at the start and went home, wiser for the experience!

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