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    THIS [IS] WHY A REAL BREXIT WILL [BE] a WIN for Leavers and Remainers

    ALIKE • "Only MIND can discover how to do so much with so little as

    forever to be able to sustain and physically satisfy all humanity.

    Specialization tends to shut off the wide-band tuning searches and

    thus to preclude further discovery. [IT] IS also mistakenly assumed that

    employment is the only means by which humans can earn the right to

    live, for politicians have yet to discover how much wealth is available

    for distribution. All this is rationalized on the now scientifically

    discredited premise that there can never be enough life support for all.

    Thus humanity’s specialization leads only toward warring and such 

    devastating tools, both, visible and invisible, as ultimately to destroy

    all Parthians. [IT] IS eminently feasible not only to provide full life

    support for all humans but also to permit all humans’ individual

    enjoyment of all the Earth without anyone profiting at the expense

    of another and without any individuals interfering with others."

    Buckminster Fuller • Manifesto for the Genius of Generalists


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Comment by Michael Grove on September 28, 2019 at 18:16

MY OWN VISION - as a child - was of a future time when we would be able to personally experience a simulation of the reality such that we would be unable to tell the difference between the simulation and the reality. My vision, at that time, identified more with the "brown-stone" buildings of New York and the digital television watch of Dick Tracey than the "1984" scenario painted by George Orwell. Later in life when questioned as to my thoughts on "the simulation of the reality " and of a possible definition thereof - I often retorted that, by use of the ‘ideal system', "one would be able to jump off the white cliffs of Dover and walk away after the experience, without a scratch, but being a completely different person as a result of the experience." They all replied, as do some today, that I was in need of a frontal lobotomy.

Never forgetting that Lord Bamford pulled JCB out of the CBI business lobby group in 2016 over its anti-Brexit stance, and in 2017 called it a “waste of time”

  • so just spare a moment or two to think about how much the

    process of imagination must have been employed during the

     establishment and continued longevity of the business of JCB.


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