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Our Cyclical Habitation of Earth etc.

The vibrational ‘descent’ of Spirit, us spirits, into matter, which I have allegorically described in The Milk Is White, is cyclical in the sense that after the initial descent, termed the fall of man by some, most of us as souls persist with the pursuit of sensory and mental pleasure and therefore return to Earth to unlearn this persistence while those who have achieved enlightenment cease to do so. The consequence of this is the destruction and/or pollution of the Earth - and even this universe - which then necessitates a new environment for our destructive and polluting spiritual education. This process continues cyclically until there are no unenlightened souls left and may include other universes and/or dimensions.

Note: I can only state this as a probability because it is the result of a combination of mentivity and neoption and not neoption alone. 


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