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 aspects of [BE]ing British, as inhabitants of a group of North Atlantic

 Islands, situated off the North-Western coast of EURASIA and being the

 beneficiaries of favourable climatic conditions as a result of appropriate

 ocean current conditions • IN the context of the British Peoples' leading

 role of establishing THE RESPONSIBLE ACTION required for the bringing

 down of the false 4th WALL, that predominately patriarchal rule has kept

 propped up • IS our global juxtaposition to a.n.other group of Pacific

 Islands off the North-Eastern coast of EURASIA, which are themselves

 predominately subject to the YIN/YANG juxtaposition of the force of

 nature, a process that we have more recently come to understand as

 the La Niña/El Niño effect and the violent climatic systems that

 subsequently prevail.    


 ... in quiet contemplation and awe of - the multitudinous combinations

 of atoms and molecules which independently and interdependently

 constitute our universe - and the fact that our species to date appears to

 be the only combination of atoms and molecules which is individually and

 collectively conscious of an energetic connection and interconnection 

 with ALL that constitutes THE WHOLE.

 An energetic connection and interconnection which our species has

 individually and collectively described as a spiritual phenomenom - a

 spiritual phenomenom which has been hi-jacked from the outset, by ALL

 things religious and subsequently political, academic & scientific; as

 a tool with which the minds of those that would follow can be divisively

 manipulated by the minds of those that would lead.


 ONLY to be found WITHIN • IT IS the responsibility of each and everyone

 of the rapidly approaching 7.5 BN human passengers of Spaceship Earth 

 today, to seek that understanding and in so doing switch into the ALL

 INCLUSIVE global mind-set of the NEW collective. A NEW collective of

 artists - in fact - cogniscent of the purpose of INTEGRAL ART & committed

 - from however small beginnings - to the process of acting as the catalyst

 - to enable the evolution of HOMO SAPIENS SAPIENS to the next stage of




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