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Extract from The Milk Is White:

What is Money?

What really is money? In one form it is merely something dug from the ground, a piece of paper or a number, or series of numbers in a register. In the other form (sic) it is merely an idea - a figment of the mind - no more. This idea gives it a value that creates self-aggrandisement manifesting as pride, power, profligacy, greed, and other states of mind that underpin structured societies and perpetuate inequality.

 Money has no intrinsic value.

With reference to the above extract a reader said in effect that, as she perceived it, money did have a value because it could be used for all sorts of things and enabled people to help others etc.

This is true but it is only a tool devised by us for use in Earthly life.

To illustrate that money has no intrinsic value let us look at an example: If one wanted to buy food to feed the hungry one would need money but, if money did not exist, if we had no knowledge of money, there would be no money yet the food would still be there to be used to feed the hungry.

On the other hand, if there was no food the money would be valueless.


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