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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

     IT STARTS with ONE and ends with THE CHILDREN of

    the ONE WORLD 
Transparency of words values and ACTIONS -

    SAY the children of Mitchell & Chesterton Youth Club  

    to establish the FAIR SHARES, LIVING VALUES


    espoused in ... A handbook for creating the world

    that we want !

The problems we face are rooted in the way we LIVE and the way we THINK, so these are what must change. A new, higher level of thinking will usher in a new way of living, in which social justice and environmental sustainability are enshrined and where there is no concept of exploiting other people or damaging our home, Planet Earth.

WE need every ounce of our ingenuity, determination &resolve right now to build this future.

Your Planet Needs You - Introduction

LISTEN TO THE CHILDREN They are talking about the Children's Fire

The Children's Fire is part of the Earth teachings of the elders of ancient

America. Over time the elders came to understand that all human-created

institutions needed to reflect the balance and wisdom observed in nature.

The Children's Fire was a reminder of the first promise: "No law, no action

of any kind, shall be taken that will harm the children". It is now time to

re-kindle this fire: in our corporations, governments, religion & education.


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