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Because it may help one or more on their spiritual journey up the mountain I will post here, from The 'Quo Vadis?' File III, one post per day to facilitate proper intellectual digestion, from my writings subsequent to those in the book The Milk Is White which is best read as the foundation to what follows here.

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Comment by Michael Grove on April 22, 2015 at 7:58

I AM truly honoured that we have at long last established a connessione, as Leonardo da Vinci

would have described it, by way of this 'Quo Vadis?' INTRODUCTION. Thank you for ALL of your

support over the years Ian. My own introduction to the spiritual journey up the mountain, was

confirmed for me when I first became aware of the works of Douglas Harding and most particularly

during the time of working my way through his Hierarchy of Heaven and Earth.

Comment by Ian Gardner on April 22, 2015 at 23:33

No "honour" my friend but I too am glad of the connessione

As a matter of possible interest it appears to me that you have drafted your comment as a pdf document. I so and if you want to correct the fractured text as in evidence here just put the cursor before "would" and delete, thus creating Vinciwould, then separate the Vinciwould via the space bar.

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