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  into the Church of England as a teenager, subsequent to the positive

  encouragement from the Rector of All Saints Church in Borehamwood,

  who had been a fighter-pilot during WWII, I suppose it was a gradual

  feeling of the hypocrisy of the after service events, which literally drove

  me "to find out more " about the religion of the Church of England, in

  juxtaposition to all other religions, following the purchase of my sturdy

  VeeDub Beetle during my training as an Air Traffic Controller; and it

  was whilst working as an area radar controller at London Radar, that my

  involvement with the Leila Khaled EL AL hi-jacking event, really

  sparked off my journey of discovery that finally led me to a definitive

  understanding that GOD has NO RELIGION

  This gorgeous multi-coloured photograph of the monk's cellurium,

  beautifully illustrates the former glory of Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire,

  which was just one of many the Cistercian Abbeys that I visited, including

  Sweetheart Abbey in Scotland

  My soul-mate and I were married in St. Michaels and All Angels in

  Borehamwood, and the grounds of the Cistercian Abbaye de La Cambre,

  just round the corner from our flat in Brussels, were a favourite with us

  both, whilst exercising our Afghan dog • and a reminder of course of the

  galant bravery of the Belgium RAF Hawker Typhoon Pilot who in 1943

  attacked the Gestapo Headquarters building, which can be still seen

  from the abbey park today.

  [IT] was on a separate occasion, whilst on a 
 dog-walk around the Bois de la

  Cambre that we began talking to an older lady sitting on a bench by the pond,

  as a result of her hearing Linnie and I speaking English. Her experiences of the

  Great war and appreciation of the British coming to Belgium's aid, brought

  tears to her eyes, all of which has come to represent for us, the beginning

  of our own deeply entrenched appreciation and understanding of how

  privileged we British are, for never having been occupied, during either 

  of the World Wars.



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