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I can also act in ways that I believe are compassionate

to the people right in front of me, and you might think,

Isn’t that compassion for others?” But really, it’s compassion for myself in another form. It’s another

self-compassion method.

Imagine the pain you feel when you see someone else

suffering — the suffering you feel is real suffering, just

as the other person is suffering. Yet, most people don’t

actually ease that suffering in themselves.

So, how do you ease that suffering in yourself when

you see someone else suffering?

You reach out, empathize, make a connection, and look

for a way to reduce the other person’s suffering, and your

own. If the other person opens up, that’s great. If not,

that’s OK, because you’ve reached out and let them know

that you too suffer when you see them suffer.

That’s a powerful thingAnd so you ease your own suffering, and it’s a selfish sort of compassion.

But that’s the only kind there is.

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Comment by Michael Grove on January 21, 2020 at 13:10


  the journey begins & the journey continues

to live HAPPILY one must live UNSEEN

  Walk gently, leaving tracks only where they can make a difference.

  Where no difference can be made, walk without leaving tracks.

  Pass through life unseen and invisible, yet affecting change everywhere.

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