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Disease, the result of dis-ease, is created by us from our state of mind or mentality and this happens in many ways of which here are two: 1. Through the influence of the “Thought Field” (our mentality) on the “Life Field” (the energy field, or blueprint, controlling the body) and 2. Through the effect of all the unnatural products and scientific devices which interfere with the “Life Field”.

Some may see #2 above as not having anything to do with our mentality or attitude but it is worth remembering that it is this which is behind both #1 and #2.

Note: 1. For fuller information on the above mentioned “Fields” please refer to The Milk   Is White.

          2. Instead of “Thought Field” I would now use the term “Mind Field” (for which                  the term ‘mine field’ would be more appropriate!).


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