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Avoiding Reaction to The Ways of the World.

I have previously stated that the Mind and the Soul are the same thing and defined them (it) as being the sum total of the Spirit’s experiences in thousands of lives. I have also stated that what we perceive as reality is, in fact, an illusion, dreamlike.

If we combine what we know the mind to be with the fact of perceived reality we can understand two things:

1. That each of us, when using the mind, has an individual perception of every thing and 2. That the perception is, in any case, simply that – a perception, a mental picture.

Hence, every thing we perceive as happening in the world today, particularly where our reaction is emotionally adverse, is a creation of the mind, a mental activity, and is only real in so far as it is the way an individual visualises it.

In fact, none of it is actually happening!

This is extremely difficult to grasp – and cannot be grasped by the mind which is, of course, the creator of the illusion – but when one can do this one becomes unaffected by, and non reactive to, “life as we see it” or, if we do react initially, we are able to dismiss the mind and its creations for what they are and revert to the true Reality and, thus, peace of mind.

It is, therefore, true to say, “It is the thought that counts.” Although I would substitute the word ment or mentivity for ‘thought’. 

[See “Ian’s Dictionary”.]


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