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Project XX∞XX
uses existing and emerging internet technologies to create a bottom-up, grassroots visions-driven revenue generation system (2 cents from each dollar of profit could be DONATED automatically by every IP infranet transaction) that is large enough to capture the visions of anyone in the world (10 to the power 10 souls personae), secure enough to allow self expression, and sustained by a scalable, multi-dimensional,  closed loop risk-management and evaluation-process model serving a diversely integrated, international network of sentient souls and their advocates requiring help (“thinking globally” and “responsibly acting locally ”), and those willing to provide help … and thus “powered by LOVE


AlphaINDEX of Stories

The XX∞XX proposal would be founded on a google social networking tool-set, filtering the google search process, and indexed by ...

An Alpha INDEX of Stories.

An AlphaINDEX which is a compilation of stories of helpers and the helped, in recognition of Muriel Rukeyser’s statement that “The Universe is made of Stories, not of Atoms,” to provide a truly intelligent interrelatedness of knowledge and human experience.

Inspired by principles of human rights responsibilities, XX∞XXs scaleable technologies would be based on a core triangular pyramid of four spheres: “east, west, north, south”, “truth beauty goodness as one”, the FOUR “truths” as pronounced by Tom Nolle, in his support for ipSphere, and providing a structure to accommodate the “four truth perspectives” of all 10 to the power 100 sentient souls, reflected by the XX∞XX network of 10 to the power 10 souls personae. As the network initially expands through the next triangular pyramid of ten spheres, relating the stories of TEN ‘founding souls’, then those of the TWENTY ‘representative souls’, comprising 2 families of helpers and the helped; until potentially, the stories of all 10 to the power 100 sentient souls, including the souls that have been, of one world as ONE SOUL, “of the people and for the people”, had been told.

Then, just as the two minds of the CEO & CFO of Standard Chartered openly shared the idea of a plan with Her Majesty’s Government, to bail-out the British Banking system, as a model to solve the global financial
crisis, so too the 10 to the power 10 minds of our species, appropriately interconnected, would release the wealth-creating power of ideas, as a result of openly sharing, within an inter-network of networks of Thinking Environments, to serve the mutually beneficial needs & aspirations of Global Social Responsibility.


The greedy have ever created systems to serve their own needs;


now some souls motivated by LOVE

can indeed create a counterbalance.



Democracy was originally a “system for accomplishing what can only be achieved by citizens joining together with other citizens”, based on concepts of the equality of personae and of “inalienable rights.” Successive generations established a Help for All model of capitalism, which worked FOR democracy, at the heart of nations engaged in production.

Nations subsequently transformed from production to consumerism, severing the link between democracy and capitalism, such that democracy worked FOR capitalism as Help for the Few, with the consequences which 10 to the power 100 sentient souls now face.

The need for quintessential change is apparent. XX∞XX provides the basis of an entirely new, scaleable and accountable model which would provide HELP for ALL, as a result of democracy and capitalism working for the mutual benefit of one another.

Potentially, 10 to the power 100 sentient souls as ONE SOUL, would benefit by letting global collaboration and cooperation drive our opportunistic actions, as a result of establishing a sustainable mechanism to provide HELP for ALL, based on the conscious capitalist values of Josiah Wedgwood.


Empower a group of loving souls, including children, and visionary technicians to lead the way to “what can be?” thinking.

Patriarchal Western thinking of the last millennium has been concerned with “what is” analysis, criticism, and invariably geared to “who do we blame for this problem?

In this 21st century, we need to concentrate on thinking concerned with
“what can be”, “how can we help each-other?”

Emphasis must move from judgment to solution design.

The very first priority will be to fund an enthusiastic group to lead XX∞XX, and provide a productive thinking environment, including women and children. Listen to the children as to how to proceed. They will, after all, inherit the earth, right? Why should they not be part of the group that leads the way? There are brilliant children waiting to be called upon on this planet.

I say we give them a chance.


UNICEF: One Laptop per Child, Google launch initiative

The greatest realization of the power of humankind’s information economy, the internet, will be used not only to retain and share information, to foster ideas and promote commerce, but to generate a global economy
based on a wealth-creation of ideas, geared to living in a sustainable & respectful society as “gracious guests of THE gracious host” and driven by a mechanism designed to pull the negative energy of explosive and destructive confrontation, into line with the positive energy of the creative understanding of "good intentions and communications", which is the power of LOVE.

The potential XX∞XX network of

10 to the power 10 souls personae 

as advocates of the 10 to the power 100 sentient souls on planet earth will allow this power of love to pertain,

on a truly global basis,


regardless of gender, ability, age, cult, creed, dogma, religious, scientific or political persuasion.


Evaluation and accountability of and for all expenditures will be built into the system from the outset.





ALL hail to Kathy for drawing my attention to the original Google Project and to Janie and Martha for helping me produce my submission on behalf of ALL who would support it. Follow the Treasure Unveiled to explore further - and for more in-depth information on the subject of platonic solidstriangular pyramids, tetrahedral numbers and duodecahedrons - just follow those links and explore away with Wolfram|Alpha.







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8 days later

cHAngeL said

The moment I heard your idea of charitable donation on every IP transaction, last year, I was in awe. God speed to your efforts, and
all others who see the wisdom of the united goal of helping others on
the planet in great need.

And as always, thank you for insisting women and children, be involved from the start.

It is a brilliant vision, and you are a wonderful teacher, Michael Grove.

I so love the picture. It was nice it was created by 3
generations…children, adults and grandparents, with a few ideas from
across the pond ;)


J :)

Michael : catalyst-producer

20 days later

Michael said

REMEMBER that the best relationship IS one which
your LOVE for eachother exceeds your need for eachother.

martha : wildlygentle

25 days later

martha said

The Great Mother IS this rabbit hole, if one can only See that these ideas are SHE. These are the clothing that she wears. Today. The creative
potential here is real, and the possibilities are beyond anything we
can imagine. You are a brilliant man, Michael—although, to be honest
friend, you are a little hard (for normal mortals) to follow. But–any
changes (simplification of) your rhetoric would also strip out your
embedded values, and it's really about the values. The linear
strategies you set forth above, with all included metaphors, are simply
a values delivery system for transforming the moral and
political gravitas of world economies in any ways that those processes
are impacted by Internet use.

Would you agree that our present economic institutions are their own “values delivery system”?
Michael's proposal presents a way to begin designing pathways for
revenue flows from the perspective of values first, and do it
consciously. Would there be a better way to implement a world
information economy? And isn't a world information economy actually
being implemented anyway? Please, let's not just passively allow it to
replicate and deliver a past era's mores and social structures. It
would actually be fairly simple to implement Michael's vision and
create the framework for something much more democratic and humane. I
think, I really think, that we can do a lot with software, widgets,
pennies, stories, and visionary, altruistic minds. To borrow some
words from a Gentleman who will help us all learn more about believing
in tomorrow and taking right action today: “Yes, we can!”

Michael : catalyst-producer

26 days later

Michael said

Would you agree that our present economic institutions are their own “values delivery system”? ABSOLUTELY SO

To borrow some words from a Gentleman who will help us all learn more about believing in tomorrow and taking right action today: “Yes, we can!”

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 month later

Michael said

The AlphaINDEX of Stories, in mobius strip format to reflect, initially, both the
old order and new order experiences of the people
, would be established as
an integral thread of the ipSphere protocol, to stimulate, promote and execute
the collection of that proportion of the profits, collectable through every related
IP transaction, which would ensure the survival of LIFE on EARTH.

Michael : catalyst-producer

5 months later

Michael said

THIS POWERFUL BOOK proposes that we need a radical reformulation of economics, one that supports caring and caregiving at the individual, organizational, societal, and environmental levels. This caring economics takes into account the full spectrum of economic activities - from the life-sustaining activities of the household, to
the life-enriching activities of caregivers and communities of all
types, to the life-supporting processes of nature.
Eisler exposes the economic double standard that devalues anything stereotypically associated with women and femininity - and how this distorts our values and our lives. She reveals how the current economics are based on a deep-seated culture of domination and shows how human needs would be better met if economics were based on caring. And she provides practical proposals for new economic inventions - new measures, policies, rules, and practices - to bring about a caring economics that meets human needs.

Albert : ~

5 months later

Albert said

And lets put caring and care giving ( Did it myself for 10 years in health care and realted areas)into the context of complex resilience.
Depending on the very concrete, specific and unique point of life in


Another book of Riane Eisler deals with 7 relationships which can change our life.

Michael : catalyst-producer

5 months later

Michael said

ABSOLUTELY SO and in recognition of THE Power of Partnerships INDEED

6 months later

KreaShine! said

Yes it is time for us all to pull together, as planetary partners. One pulse…

Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

TIME 2 OPEN [Y]OUR I's as ONE PULSE indeed



… was that 2 MUCH TURKEY on Thanksgiving
we've still got ours to cook on Christmas Day

j : awaken2love

about 1 year later

j said


Michael : catalyst-producer

about 1 year later

Michael said

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Comment by Michael Grove on August 26, 2011 at 7:54

Egoless Relatedness

When two or more people meet who have awakened to the evolutionary impulse, there is the potential for egoless relatedness. And that is what those of us at the leading edge who want to push the boundaries of our own spiritual development need to discover.


We have to find a way to meet one another in a place we've never been before, in a higher state of consciousness and a higher stage of development that are unhindered by the influence of the narcissistic ego and the less enlightened values of our modern and postmodern culture.


Anyone can experience egoless consciousness in the stillness and solitude of deep meditation. It is easy to be egoless when there's no relationship.


But if we want to catalyze evolution in consciousness and culture, in the world of time and space, we need to make the heroic effort to go beyond ego not only when we are sitting quietly but, most importantly, while we are creatively interacting with one another, in the midst of all the complexity of human life.

                                                                                                                     ~ Andrew Cohen

Gravitation (also known as Gravity) is a mixed media work by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher

which was completed in June, 1952. It was first printed as a black-and-white lithograph and

then coloured by hand in watercolour.

Comment by Michael Grove on February 8, 2012 at 13:52

” When the nature of things is unknown, or the notion unsettled and indefinite, and various in various minds, the words by which such notions are conveyed, or such things denoted, will be ambiguous and perplexed.”

Johnson's Preface of his great Dictionary of the English Language

Comment by Michael Grove on June 17, 2012 at 11:33


The essential requirement - for each and everyone of the 7 billion of our species on this planet -

IS to think for themselves, as a result of disconnecting the mechanism of interpretation, and thus adopting, on behalf of the whole of our species, a collective behavioural mind-set focused on -

A SINGULAR MATRIX itself focussed on qualitative evolutionary advancement - having become aware of the underlying purpose of THE MATRIX itself.


‎- and as Andrew Cohen has recently proposed ...

"The overwhelming and profound nature of the spiritual metamorphosis that occurs as one begins to move beyond individual and collective egoic self structures is difficult to convey without knowing about it directly from personal experience. If one had only known the darkness and had never seen the light of the sun, how could it be described in such a way that it would truly be understood? 

The "light of consciousness" illuminates all things but if we haven't discovered it directly for ourselves, no matter how bright that light may be, we won't be able to see it. And why is that? Because our attention is simply on other things. An enlightened person is illuminated by that same luminous essence that makes it possible for the world to exist."

IS IT NOT a multidimensional scientific fact that consciousness drives the universe ?

Comment by Michael Grove on July 2, 2012 at 22:26

‎"EVOLUTIONARY is a play on the word "REVOLUTIONARY", and I mean it to convey something of the revolutionary nature of evolution as an idea. Evolutionaries are revolutionaries, with all the personal and philosophical commitment that word implies.

They are not merely curious bystanders to the evolutionary process, passive believers in the established sciences of evolution, though all certainly value those insights.

They are committed activists and advocates - often passionate ones - for the importance of evolution at a cultural level."

Carter Phipps - EVOLUTIONARIES -
Unlocking the Spiritual and Cultural Potential of Science's Greatest Idea.



Comment by Michael Grove on February 8, 2019 at 7:59

 "WE ARE what WE THINK. ALL that WE ARE arises with our thought.

  With our thoughts, WE MAKE OUR WORLD" Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha

In the context of my dedication to the event in history that was *ZAADZ - which was "the seed" of conscious business social networking - I can only restate the fact that - If anyone can find beauty in a technology [IT] IS an ARTIST and throughout our history • at whatever stage or level of development of technology per see • [IT] has always been artists who have "shown the WAY" and utilised song, dance, music, cave painting, sketch drawing, oil painting, photography et al ∞ in the SPiRALogic ART of the POSSIBLE process of performance, entertainment and just making people confront THE most fundamental QUESTIONS of LIFE.

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