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compassion, collaboration & cooperation iN transistion

  concerned mainly with SELF AWARENESS.

    [IT] aims to transform man's consciousness

  about himself/herself and the universe.

    Although the same character for ZEN and CHAN is used in  

   writing, they are pronounced differently in each language,

   but both ZEN and CHAN were originally derived from the

   Indian word dhyana, which means "meditation".  ZEN

   Buddhism however, claims to transmit the essence of

   Buddha by allowing the individual to experience the 

   enlightenment which Buddha attained, such that ZEN 

   IS entirely different from Indian meditation.

   THE WORD Buddha in Sanskrit means "aware" and

   "Buddha-MIND" was therefore interpreted as a state

   of consciousness of the TAO attained through meditation.

   I have come to understand over time, a deep understanding

   of that which I would describe as THE MESSAGE of Buddha.


   • NATURE • MIND • BUDDHA • PATH are inexorably linked

   as ZEN and the PATH IS ONE that inevitably anyone from

   "peasant to Emperor" can travel, in the context of the

   fact that there are only two rules ...




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Comment by Michael Grove on January 13, 2018 at 8:06

The term tao has no equivalent in English. The literal meaning is way  or path, and the term describes both the movement on this way and  the way [IT]self. Tao IS the ongoing, self-renewing and purposive energy of life, continually creating as it moves. [IT] traces a way or  path which is, potentially, reflected in each individual being.
To be "in" tao or connected to tao is to experience meaning and   move with the energy of life. THIS IS FUNDAMENTAL VALUE.          

[IT] IS experienced as meaning, joyfreedom,

connection, compassion, creativity, insight.

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